Our Services

  1. PROPERTY NEGOTIATION/PROPERTY BROKERAGE: We help you negotiate the best deals, act as your broker and offer intermediary services between who sellers and buyers in the best professional way.
  2. PROPERTY SALES AND MARKETING: We provide marketing strategies and solutions to individuals and developers that help you sell your properties fast.
  3. LEGAL SERVICES: We provide services such as Legal document and sealing, Registrations of Titles and Perfection Title Documents. Franking of all agreement and document necessary for the purpose of transfer of ownership or title upon a successful transaction. Examples are: Assignment, contract of sales, part surrender, Power of Attorney etc. We patronize the best team of lawyers to conduct searches and confirm the ingenuity and reliability of any property before commencement of transaction.
  4. PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, REMODELING AND RENOVATION: We have a consortium of highly skilled experts that are not only innovative but also have the inclusive understanding of the dynamics in real estate to help you have great value for your investment
  5. PROPERTY DESIGN AND BUILDING: With the world of diverse designs, sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice between your budget and your dream home. Our team provides you with the best modern architecture that is not only tailored as desired but also cost effective.
  6. PROPERTY ADVISORY AND INVESTMENT: At Victoriasid properties, we offer advisory service on various investment options in the real estate business. We proffer solutions to such questions as when to invest, where to invest and what to invest in to help maximize your return on investment (ROI).